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Treatment Options

Ergonomics & Hand Therapy

At the early stages of CTS the application of wrist fixators that would hold the wrist in neutral position is possible. However, it is necessary to remember that the treatment mode should be created by the doctor. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment can be dangerous. Sometimes more cardinal treatment modes are needed because the nerve condition is getting worse with every day and its dangerous to wait.

Effectiveness of the special programs for muscle strengthening and slider exercises as self-treatment modes of CTS has not been proved. Massage and manual techniques which are considered as methods of improvement the nerve gliding are not proved to be effective either. Changes in the ergonomics of the workplace (the setting of tables, chairs, changes to body posture), new equipments or instruments are also not considered effective in confirmed cases of CTS.

Individual Splinting

Conservative treatment can be utilized if the doctor confirms CTS during its early stages during a medical check. It entails using night fixator for 3-4 weeks. In orthopaedic stores it is possible to buy ready-made splints, but the ones which are created individually are more comfortable and effective thus considered preferable. One of the methods of treatment of CTS on early stages is the splint created to fit the patient’s arm perfectly.

Steroid injections

Injections of steroidal antiphlogistic drugs decrease the nerve edema and can remove all symptoms. This treatment mode is very effective if conducted by an experienced neurologist or wrist surgeon. During the early stages of the illness injections can remove pain and numbness for several months. The effect from the first nerve block in the wrist area can be a diagnostic criterion for diagnosis. Unfortunately, every following nerve block has more lasting effects than the previous one. Usually it is recommended to have not more than 3 nerve blocks before operation.

Surgical Treatment

It exists more than 50 different methods of surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. The core of the operation is dissection of the carpal ligament and release of the pressured nerve.

Differences in methods:

  • Size of incision (classic, mini-invasive);
  • Surgical instrument (scalpel,hook or other.);
  • Dissection check (endoscope, ultrasound).

Results appear immediately after the operation in the form of removal of symptoms. Numbness, however, can last for several months. It depends on the degree of the pressure on the nerve and the duration of CTS.

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