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Our Incisionless Technique

Development of a new mode of treatment started in 2013. The series of anatomical and clinical studies was conducted. In addition to that many leading clinics were visited. Thanks to them our team developed new, unique tool for mini-invasive incisionless technique – «carpal hook».

With the help of this instrument we managed to decrease the size of access and traumatism of the operation. Now the puncture is around 2-3 mm in the wrist area and around 1 mm in the heel of the hand. For intraoperative navigation we use Ultrasound*.

Duration of the operation is several minutes. Stitches are not needed and punctures are covered with the strips (special plasters). Regenerative process of postoperational punctures is only several days.

*Another way of conducting preoperational ultrasound during the operation is without navigation.

Advantages of our treatment mode:
Duration of the operation.
The operation lasts for only 10-20 minutes.
Without hospitalization. Conduction of this operational treatment doesn’t require hospitalization. Together with consultation before and after operation the duration spent at the clinic time is 1-2 hours.
Minimal damage to soft tissues.
Rehabilitation period and duration of treatment is decreased. With the help of the mini-invasive way of treatment the duration of rehabilitation period has been decreased.
Local anesthesia. After-effects and negative influence of narcosis is less frequent on the human organism is less frequent, which allows it to be conducted for patients with pathology.
Minimal chance of after-effects. With the help of ultrasound navigation we are able to control all anatomical formations. In addition to that, configuration of our instrument allows to cut only carpal ligament without damaging surrounded tissues.
Without incisions. The operation is conducted through skin puncture without stitches, big scars and long bandaging.
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