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Observing the typical symptoms of CTS makes it possible to suspect this illness. Electromyography (EMG) conducted by a neurologist or medical ultrasound helps to make a diagnosis. Another diagnostic criterion is the effect from the previously conducted block in the wrist area.

Typical symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Numbness in the fingers
  • Tingling and burning sensation in the hand, formication
  • Nocturnal pain in the hand
  • Weakness in the hand and wrist muscle atrophy in the cases of advanced form of CTS

Where is the feeling of numbness located? Where is the feeling of pain located?

Changes of sensations, numbness and formication are usually happening in palmar surface of first, second and third fingers and half of the fourth. Sometimes pain occurs in the same area. In the cases of advanced form of CTS pain can spread all over the arm. Patients wake up only because of the numbness and pain in the wrist. The more frequently it happens the more serious the problem becomes.

Electroneuromyography (EMG) of the upper extremity is the study which is conducted by a neurologist in an ordinary hospital and considered obligatory preoperative study for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. This study helps to define the level and degree of the pressure on the nerve. Decision about the following treatment depends on received results. If the pressure on the nerve is mild (neuropathy) operation can be avoided. *

* Medical check by neurologist or hand surgeon is mandatory

Ultrasound (Sonography) is diagnostic but can also be performed before operation. With the help of ultrasound we define nerve structure in the place of compression. Method efficiency is almost comparable with EMG. When both methods are conducted the accuracy of diagnosis increases significantly. **

**EMG & Ultrasound is performed on the stage of operation planning domiciliary or by appointment in our hospital

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